Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

In these early grades, there is great emphasis on a spiral curriculum for language arts and math. Academic concepts are introduced and revisited, progressively becoming more complex. Phonics, sight word reading and comprehension are taught through literature.  Writing includes spelling, grammar, mechanics, and handwriting presented in a variety of formats. In math, the goal is to enable children to master math facts and apply that knowledge to solve real world problems.

Social studies and geography instruction enables students to explore the world and learn about our community, state, national, and global structure.  Science instruction consists of observation, inference and prediction, and hands-on learning through experiments. Students are introduced to life science, Earth science, physical science, the solar system, and the human body.

All students receive a comprehensive education through enrichment classes called “specials.”  Weekly instruction in art, music, P.E., technology, and Spanish provide learning opportunities in addition to traditional academic courses.  More information regarding specials classes can be found under the “specials” tab.

4th - 5th Grades

In the upper elementary grades, emphasis is placed on cultivating a love of literature and a passion for reading. Drawing conclusions, inferring, understanding the main idea, and differentiating between fact and opinion are some of the many concepts taught in our language arts program. Writing is more formal, and clear written communication is encouraged through the use of specific guidelines and engaging assignments. Peer editing begins, and constructive feedback methods are taught.

The social studies curriculum encompasses Arizona history and the birth of our nation. Students develop an understanding and appreciation of our country through its rich history.  By discussing both positive and negative aspects of our past, students learn how to solve problems and make decisions that benefit society. 

The Science program exposes students to Earth science, life science, and physics. Students have the opportunity to explore our world through hands-on activities. They are also encouraged to ask questions and investigate the science in everyday life.

In math, students apply the basic facts that they have mastered. They develop an understanding of fractions, decimals, and percents, and they learn to think logically by analyzing complex problems. Through their math courses, students are prepared for the more rigorous mathematical concepts they will learn in middle school.

Students in grades 4 and 5 continue to receive enrichment through our “specials.”  More information regarding specials classes can be found under the “specials” tab.