What do local high schools say about SOTD students?

“Brophy College Preparatory was excited to have a strong group of applicants last winter from Shepherd of the Desert. The Class of 2018 was a competitive group with over 600 students applying for 340 spots. Five students from SOTD were accepted and currently we have four freshman boys attending Brophy. Two of the five boys were accepted with “honors” meaning they had some of the highest entrance exam scores combined with a very strong academic record from middle school. The testing results of the SOTD students back up the work and preparation being done on your campus—their average score was 89%, which is well above the average 82% for all accepted students. All four boys have joined our Diplomatic Corps to be ambassadors for Brophy and host our next group of applicants on Shadow Days! The boys from Shepherd of the Desert are well-prepared for a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and we look forward to more students applying in the future.” 

Assistant to Director of Admissions
Brophy College Preparatory 

“As Director of Admissions at Notre Dame Preparatory, I can be conIident that applicants, enrollees and NDP alumni that came to us from Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran are prepared to succeed in the classroom and beyond. While academics are paramount at NDP, the well- rounded citizen that Shepherd of the Desert consistently delivers to us speaks volumes about their community. At Notre Dame we value that partnership that has developed between our schools and look ahead to an even stronger relationship in the years to come.”

Director of Admissions
Notre Dame Preparatory High School 

“When students from Shepherd of the Desert attend Valley Lutheran they are often leaders at our school. We've had students from SOTD earn valedictorian and salutatorian honors which demonstrate their preparedness academically. They have also been leaders outside the classroom as captains of athletic teams, student council representatives and life leaders. We feel at Valley Lutheran that having students from SOTD helps make our student body stronger.”

Executive Principal
Valley Lutheran High School