Message from the Principal

This is an extremely exciting time at Shepherd of the Desert School! Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our big plans for the future.

We realize that one of the most important decisions you must make as a parent is how to best educate your child. We know you have many options, including homeschooling, public schools, charter schools, and a great variety of private schools.  Consequently, we at SOTD are committed to earning your trust each day and each year, as we partner with you in the essential growth journey of your child.

We strongly believe that every school should put forward a compelling mission that shares the reason their school exists and the beliefs and values upon which their school is based. At SOTD ours is a powerful identity that creates an exceptional and enriching environment for the learning and growth of children. Our unique identity is summarized by our 3C’s --- Christ-centered, Caring Community, and Comprehensive Curriculum.

At Shepherd of the Desert School our mission is to deliver an academic curriculum and a learning experience that are unsurpassed by any area school of any type. Just as important, our program is set in a Christian, values-based environment and is delivered by a caring community of dedicated educators. Such an education of the mind, the heart, and the soul is life-altering, and will generate young adults who are not only skilled and knowledgeable, but moral and of good character as well.

To achieve our mission, we are currently creating a new K-8 curriculum which will be launched in August 2018. This new learning program of excellence will be an inspirational, growth-centered, and vertically aligned curriculum that will best prepare students for the highest levels of academics in high school and college. To date, our educators have already selected the world –renown “Singapore Math” program and the exceptional “Wonders” comprehensive literacy program as the cornerstones of our instruction in mathematics and English Language Arts. More curricular developments in other subject areas will be announced between now and the end of May 2018.

In our effort to ensure that our new program delivers the excellence we intend, we have partnered with ERB, an educational consulting company. Each year, ERB will assist us (and our families) in independently assessing the learning levels of our students so that we can get a clear, professional, unbiased analysis of where our new curricular program has increased our students’ learning, and in what areas we can improve. Our partnership with ERB is clear evidence that while many schools claim to offer programs of academic excellence, we at SOTD are committed to demonstrating and validating such learning achievement excellence each and every year.

I hope that after reading this summary of the school’s plans you are as convinced as we are that SOTD will offer families a singularly unique learning experience for their children--- verifiable academic excellence delivered in an enriching Christian setting by a caring community of qualified educators.

You only get one chance to educate your child.

We can help.

Vincent M. Stumpo, Ph.D.



"SOTD was 'home' for each of my children for 12 years. They were nurtured well in all areas; academically, spiritually, and socially. Shepherd equipped them well as they headed off to high school and college where they carried themselves with confidence as they continued  to excel in their next levels of schooling. We loved all our years at Shepherd and continue to spend time with lifelong friends made during those years!"

— Parent of Two Graduates