All students at Shepherd of the Desert explore a new world of creation.  Preschool children learn how to use art as a method of expressing their creativity while enhancing their fine motor skills.  Kindergarten through eighth gradevisit the art room weekly. They are exposed to a variety of mediums including watercolors, tempera paint, pencils, colored pencils, markers, clay, and oil pastels. Teaching is based on the elements of art and the principles of design. Projects are centered on artists and correlate with classroom instruction.


At Shepherd of the Desert, our music education program strives to build skills and knowledge. Our curriculum explores melody, rhythm, form, expression, timbre, texture, harmony, and music appreciation. Through vocal development and introduction to pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, students develop an appreciation for styles and genres of music from many different cultures.


All students at Shepherd of the Desert receive instruction in Spanish.  Preschool through 5th grade learn vocabulary and grammar, and 6th-8th graders use Rosetta Stone.  Students can learn at their own pace, while grammar and verb conjugation are supplemented to prepare students for traditional Spanish classes. 


Physical Education

Our students participate in a variety of physical education classes.  Students are given opportunities to learn a variety of sports and participate in games while working on staying active and healthy.  We feel that sportsmanship is an important aspect of our physical education program.  As students move into middle school, after-school sports are offered in which our school competes against other Lutheran schools.   


Our technology program is available for student from Kindergarten to eighth grade.  It ranges from keyboarding and productivity software to information literacy and computer programming.  When possible, we utilize classroom lessons for the content to reinforce the subject matter.  Google Docs and research projects are emphasized in 4th -6th grade.  STEM concepts, such as 3D modelling, computer programming and robotics is emphasized in 6th-8th grade.