Tuition and Fees

Shepherd of the Desert School and Preschool is excited to present families a wonderful value for an excellent education in a Christian environment.  

There are many reasons to consider a private school education but the one we hear most often from parents is that they want to make an investment in their child's future, giving them every possible opportunity to not only succeed but thrive.

Our teachers and staff love to teach and are passionate about education.  The faculty at Shepherd of the Desert is highly qualified with many of our educators having advanced degrees.  With low student to teacher ratios in the classroom our teachers have the opportunity to spend individual time with each student.  Shepherd of the Desert students are challenged, engaged, and supported both academically and spiritually.

At Shepherd of the Desert we believe in educating the whole child.  Beyond academic success we celebrate and encourage our students' interests and God-given talents in a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports, fine arts, technology, and service projects.

The Shepherd of the Desert community is engaged in our mission… leading people to follow Jesus.  Students have the opportunity to discover who they are in Christ, develop through academic, extracurricular and social activities, and declare the love of Jesus throughout the rest of their lives.

PRESCHOOL TUITION 2018-2019 School Year

We have many class options available to fit your schedule.  Our morning classes are from 8:30-11:30.  If you wish to add lunch, classes are from 8:30-12:30.  All Day classes are from 8:30-2:45.  We also offer before care starting at 7:30AM and after care until 4:30PM for an additional fee.  Tuition rates listed for preschool are monthly. 

2 Year Olds MWF    AM:  $360   Lunch:  $470    All Day:  $625

2 Year Olds T/TH    AM:  $275   Lunch:  $345    All Day:  $450

2 Year Olds M-F      AM:  $560   Lunch:  $735    All Day:  $925

3 Year Olds MWF   AM:  $360   Lunch:  $470   All Day:  $625

3 Year Olds T/TH   AM:  $275    Lunch:  $345   All Day:  $450

3 Year Olds M-F     AM:  $560   Lunch:  $735   All Day:  $925

4 Year Olds MWF   AM:  $360   Lunch:  $470   All Day:  $625

4 Year Olds T/TH   AM:  $275   Lunch:  $345   All Day:  $450

4 Year Olds M-F     AM:  $560   Lunch:  $735   All Day:  $925

K-Prep MWF          AM:  $360   Lunch:  $470    All Day:   $625

K-Prep T/TH          AM:  $275    Lunch:  $345    All Day:   $450

K-Prep M-F            AM:  $560    Lunch:  $735    All Day:   $925